A new rainbow clothing line is on the way

A new line of rainbow apparel will be available this fall in the US, a major step toward a global movement toward more inclusive apparel.The line, Rainbow Pants, was announced on Monday by the American Apparel Manufacturers Association, which is representing companies like Levi’s and Abercrombie & Fitch.The new line, which will be produced in […]

A $50 yoga shirt and $50 clothing collection

The Verge has exclusively obtained the first photos of yoga apparel from the company’s new “BHOPAL” campaign.The shirts feature a rainbow of colorful fabrics, including a variety of fabrics made with recycled cotton and hemp.The shirt features a colorful fabric featuring the word “Bhooman” and is available for purchase from February 2.BHOPELAND is also selling […]

PCC says it’s closing 100 stores due to low profit margins

PCC’s clothing division is closing its 100 stores nationwide, including two in Ohio, the company announced Wednesday.The PCC clothing business, which includes clothing, accessories and home furnishings, has posted a loss of $9 million during the past fiscal year.“These closures are part of the business’s overall efforts to better align with our business and product […]

‘I just want my money back’: Laker Michael Jordan’s daughter tells TMZ that her father had her kidnapped by ‘f***ing thieves’

A former Laker basketball player says his daughter was abducted and held captive for nearly a year by thieves who stole her NBA championship ring.Diana Jordan, a 17-year-old freshman at Westwood High School, posted a photo on Instagram Tuesday of her father wearing a red cap and wearing a mask that she believes was his.The […]

What you need to know about Indian motorcycles

A recent spate of injuries and deaths in India is raising new questions about the safety of Indian motorcycles.The most recent incident was a death last month of a motorcyclist who was riding his motorcycle near the village of Vasant Kunj near the northeastern state of Assam.The death of the motorcyclists rider prompted India’s national […]

What to do if your favorite baseball jersey breaks

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Nike’s Jeep.If you’ve been following the sport for some time, it’s easy to see why.After all, it wasn’t until 2008 that a professional baseball team wore a jersey that sportswear giant MLB unveiled.It’s a jersey unlike anything the American sporting landscape has seen before, and while the […]