What you need to know about Indian motorcycles

A recent spate of injuries and deaths in India is raising new questions about the safety of Indian motorcycles.The most recent incident was a death last month of a motorcyclist who was riding his motorcycle near the village of Vasant Kunj near the northeastern state of Assam.The death of the motorcyclists rider prompted India’s national […]

What to do if your favorite baseball jersey breaks

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Nike’s Jeep.If you’ve been following the sport for some time, it’s easy to see why.After all, it wasn’t until 2008 that a professional baseball team wore a jersey that sportswear giant MLB unveiled.It’s a jersey unlike anything the American sporting landscape has seen before, and while the […]

The Peloton and The Peloton

U.K. tech giant Peloton has been awarded a new $1.4 billion contract from the government of the U.S. for a new air ambulance, The Associated Press has learned.The Air Ambulance Corporation of America will use the contract for about 2,000 ambulances, as well as for equipment upgrades.The company says the contract will support the development […]

How to order a brand new, high-end iPhone 6 Plus

An interesting new piece of hardware is finally here, and it’s just $300 more expensive than the original.We’re talking a phone that’s twice as powerful as the iPhone 6S Plus, and more affordable than Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 7.And yet, its price tag has been a big talking point for iPhone fans.The question is, […]