What’s on the horizon for the apparel industry?

Canadian apparel retailer Aether has closed its first two stores in the US and said it will expand its online store, the American apparel retailer Penn State University and the college apparel retailer The Modest.

The two retailers, which are among the nation’s largest apparel retailers, have about 200,000 combined sales.

The Canadian company said it was launching its own ecommerce store, but would not say when it would open.

Penn State and The Modeste are also adding retail and logistics companies, it said.

The company said its Canadian operations had been expanding steadily and the company expects to add a fourth store in 2020.

The Penn State stores were closed on March 10, when the company decided to move its headquarters to the Columbus, Ohio, headquarters of a major company that manufactures apparel and shoes.

The store closed in November.

¬†Aether is Canada’s second-largest apparel retailer, and is part of a larger company that includes Nordstrom, Home Depot and Target.

The American apparel company is known for selling lightweight jeans, athletic wear and high-end apparel.

The company said the move to expand the American business was a natural extension of its growth in Canada.