Champion apparel retailer peloton says it will cease business after allegations of racial discrimination

The Australian brand Champion is one of the world’s most recognisable brands, with its iconic cycling gear.The company said it would cease its business in Australia on Thursday following allegations of discriminatory treatment.CEO of Champion Australia, Chris Lomax, said in a statement that Champion had been subjected to a number of incidents in the past […]

‘Wrestling With Fire’ premieres on the WWE Network

TalkSport – 10/01/2017 11:02:27The premiere episode of WWE Network’s Wrestling With Fire will feature “The Great One” as well as “The New Day” and “Raw Tag Team Champions” in its first episode, which is available for viewing in full on the network on Friday.The episode also includes a full WWE roster update, including the return […]

Why we love fish and chip shops in Portland

More than a dozen Portland shops, restaurants and bars offer local and sustainable seafood and seafood-related products.Below are five of the best places to eat local seafood in Portland, Oregon.Fish and chip shop: The Salmon Market at the Rose Garden, 609-823-9000, Fish and chips at the Pearl Cafe, 715-521-8999, The Pearl Cafe has […]

What is the lat apparel craze?

The lat apparel and coffee company has announced a new campaign that aims to boost lat fans in the US.The company will launch a lat hat with a barstool-inspired logo, lat pants, and lat boots with a logo that reads “lat hat” and “lat pants” with an “I.”The campaign will be launched on the […]

SizeUp: Women and size up the cycling world

For many, cycling has long been a time for the “man in the street” to prove himself.This is especially true in the past few years, when a more inclusive attitude towards women’s cycling has been taking root in the sport.But there’s still a lot of work to be done, and there’s a lot more work […]