How does the Cowboys get better?

Cowboys fans will soon know for sure why the Cowboys are a trendy franchise in Dallas, thanks to the company that has become its biggest fan base in the country.

The Cowboys will wear their first uniform of the season on Tuesday against the Vikings, wearing the alternate uniforms of the Vikings and Patriots, but the new look has been in the works for years.

A few months ago, the team’s general manager, Stephen Jones, was talking about how the Cowboys were going to try to get better.

The new look is supposed to make the team look more uniform-like, Jones said, with “no more black on the pants, no more white on the shorts.”

Jones went on to say that if you want to get the best out of your players, they need to wear the uniforms they’re already wearing.

But that’s not how the NFL is doing it.

The league has a uniform-rules code, which says teams can wear only uniforms that they already own and are approved by the league.

That includes uniforms, shoes and uniforms.

The rule also includes uniform requirements for the uniform itself.

It was a rule that was written in the 1950s.

It was written for a time when the NFL had to deal with a lot of new players who were wearing different uniforms.

That meant the teams had to make sure their uniforms were the same.

The NFL had no idea how to do it, Jones added.

So, it was the uniform-designers that were supposed to come up with the new uniforms.

One thing that had always bothered Jones was that the uniform rule was not very clear, and there was no uniform code that said uniforms had to be identical.

So the uniform designers and the uniform makers were trying to figure out what uniform was more like the uniform that they were wearing.

When Jones and the team decided to go for it, they went with the jerseys of the Cowboys, and they didn’t want to have the Cowboys wearing white jerseys, the colors that have been worn for the past four decades.

The uniform designers didn’t know how to make them look uniform, Jones told The Dallas Morning News.

So they decided to make these colors, which are a different shade of blue than the jerseys.

The uniforms are going to be worn in two ways.

One, you can wear them in shorts and one, you could wear them as jerseys.

The jersey’s going to have a different logo on the front.

So it’s going be a different look, Jones explained.

That’s a great look, but it also means you’re not going to get as many fans, Jones noted.

It’s going not to be as popular.

There are a lot more fans than we have now, so they’re going to see it.

It’ll be a little bit more of a throwback to when we used to wear our jerseys.

It’s a really good move, because it’s not just a new look.

It makes it more uniform, so it’s a better look.

I think we have a great uniform, too.

The logo is not going away, but there’s more uniformity than we’ve ever had.

So I think it’s good.

The team will also wear its uniforms in other ways.

The Cowboys will also get a new head coach, Scott Linehan, who has had some experience in the NFL.

He was an offensive coordinator in Carolina, and he knows how to use the uniform and how to keep the uniform consistent.

The NFL is trying to find a uniform that is a better fit for the Cowboys and the players.

There’s no uniform that can be worn with the uniform, and that means the uniforms have to be uniform-compliant.

And that means you have to wear a uniform, but not one that’s more like a uniform than what the players are wearing.

Jones told The Associated Press that it’s important to keep a uniform uniform-style look.

The team has to have uniform-type players, so we’re trying to make that uniform look like what they’re wearing.

There should be a uniform on the field, but that means there are different players in the uniform than the players we see in other sports.

The jerseys, which will be worn during the game, are the first of a series of uniforms that the Cowboys will put on display at the team store.

The first jersey is going to feature the team logo, and the second will feature a black-and-white picture of the team on the jersey.

Jones is hoping to make some of the uniform designs popular enough that other teams will be interested in wearing the uniforms.

He said that the uniforms were a major part of the idea to go all in with the uniforms, and not just the jerseys or the socks.