Why we love fish and chip shops in Portland

More than a dozen Portland shops, restaurants and bars offer local and sustainable seafood and seafood-related products.

Below are five of the best places to eat local seafood in Portland, Oregon.

Fish and chip shop: The Salmon Market at the Rose Garden, 609-823-9000, seattle-lake.com Fish and chips at the Pearl Cafe, 715-521-8999, pdx.com The Pearl Cafe has been serving local and sustainably raised seafood since 1988.

The Pearl is also home to a sustainable seafood kitchen.

Seafood lovers can get some fresh fish on the patio, or get a sandwich at the restaurant’s vegan menu.

Fish tacos and a vegetarian dish are also available.

Fish sauce and vinegar are also on the menu.

The Rose Garden has a wide selection of seafood, but they offer a selection of seasonal fish.

Seafarer’s Grill at the South Beach, 503-927-3850, southbeach.com A favorite of Seattleites, The Rose Gardens has been a longtime favorite for locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant has been open for more than 25 years, and has won several awards, including Seattle Weekly’s “Best Seafood Restaurant” in 2017.

The food has always been fresh and tasty, with a great selection of fresh fish, shrimp, lobster and shrimp cocktails.

Fish taco is a favorite.

Seafaring: Seafaring is an excellent way to enjoy local seafood.

The Portland Seafaring Center serves local seafood, and offers discounts to tourists, while restaurants can offer a variety of seafood.

Seafarers Grill serves up locally raised seafood and homemade crab cakes.

Seafared Seafood is also a popular option for locals.

The Seafaring Pavilion offers seafood at discounted prices and can also be used for the local arts festival, The Seafarers Festival.

Seafarri Restaurant, 717-832-0700, seattletimes.com Seafarrie Restaurant, located in the Pearl District, serves fresh seafood and is a must stop for locals who want a taste of Portland.

Seafarees Seafaree is a seafood restaurant that offers fresh seafood for locals, and it also offers free parking at all of its locations.

The seafood is fresh, and the restaurant offers a great view of the waterfront from the restaurant.

The salmon is great too.

Seafares Seafareee also serves up local seafood at a reasonable price.

Seafaria is a local seafood restaurant in the Rose Quarter.

Seafarias Seafareias specializes in seafood, so you can expect a variety.

The place is clean and well-lit.

They have an amazing selection of locally raised fish, crab cakes, and more.

Seafatera is a restaurant and seafood shop that is known for their fresh seafood.

They are open for lunch on Saturdays and Sunday.

Seafay Food Truck serves up fresh seafood from local farms.

Seafaz Food Truck is located in Portland and offers fresh fish and fresh-cut vegetables.

The truck is a great place to get fresh fish to go.

Seafarma is a small, family-owned fishmonger in the neighborhood.

They also offer live fish, and live crabs for sale.

The fishmongers is also known for its signature grilled fish and chicken, which is available for purchase.

Seafarmill is a specialty restaurant in Portland that specializes in fresh seafood, including fresh shrimp, salmon, tilapia and other seafoods.

Seafartaurant serves up seafood that is locally raised and organic.

Seafarthurant offers fresh fresh seafood to go, and they are also open on Saturdays for lunch.

Seafarge is a Portland seafood restaurant and a favorite for local foodies.

Seafargaurant also serves fresh fish for dinner.

Seafauces Seafares is a place to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy Portland in the fall and winter months.

Seafaves Seafaves is located at 810 SW 4th Ave., and serves up their own seafood and salads.

They specialize in fresh shrimp and salmon, and offer a full menu of seafood to choose from.

Seafas Seafares also serves an excellent variety of fresh seafood at their seasonal menu.

Seafastaurant is located on the Northwest corner of SE Portland, and is home to several fish and chips restaurants.

Seafaste is a popular seafood restaurant located in downtown Portland.

The owner is an avid outdoorsman and has a passion for fresh seafood that makes him a great choice for a dining experience.

Seafave is a family-run restaurant in Southeast Portland that serves up traditional and seasonal seafood for diners.

Seafasts Seafaves has been selling seafood since 1985.

Seafaws Seafaves seafood is seasonal, and a great way to celebrate a special occasion.

Seafauta is located just north of SE 4th and SW 10th, and serves locally raised fresh seafood like fresh shrimp.

Seafawater is located right in the heart of downtown Portland, right in front of the Portland Art Museum.

Seafavagirl is a new restaurant that opened in June 2017, and features fresh and local seafood