When Trump takes aim at vets, Vetgear company says it will pull ads

Vetgear has announced it will remove its ads from Facebook and YouTube, and plans to cancel planned ads for next year.

The company said it will stop offering its branded dog collar and leash products at events like the New York Fashion Week and the World Economic Forum in 2020.

“The decision to remove the ads is part of a larger strategic effort to align Vetgear with a wider portfolio of products across our portfolio of brands,” Vetgear Chief Marketing Officer Paul K. McWilliams said in a statement.

The ad-buying platform’s new CEO said the company is not shutting down, but that it would be “inappropriate” to disclose details of the decision.

He said Vetgear will still be able to “advertise and distribute products in the future.”

The decision to pull ads comes at a time when Vetgear is grappling with a $50 million lawsuit by an animal-rights group that claims the company does not adequately protect the animals in its inventory.

The lawsuit seeks to force Vetgear to disclose how many dogs are sold in each of its stores and whether animals are killed.

Vetgear said in its statement it is “committed to ensuring the highest level of animal protection for all animals.”

It added that it “will continue to work closely with the animal-protection groups to ensure Vetgear’s brand integrity.”

Vetgear’s ad-sales business is also reeling from a recent lawsuit from a woman who claimed she had a dog killed for using her credit card for a dog grooming appointment.

In that case, the woman sued Vetgear for violating her privacy and filed a class-action suit in March.

The group alleged that Vetgear misled customers about the number of dogs it sold in its stores.

The lawsuit against Vetgear was settled in May.