When Dunkin Donuts Inc. dropped its Dunkin’ Donuts coupons, it may have saved retailers millions of dollars

The Dunkin Brands Inc. has dropped its $3.99 coupon, but it’s not the only retailer that is seeing a benefit from the change.

As of Feb. 1, Dunkin Stores will no longer accept the coupons.

That means that retailers with a Dunkin coupon will no long have the chance to save money when buying items like Dunkin Candy, Dunkins Original Ice Cream, Dunkkin Popsicles and Dunkin Eggs.

“We appreciate our customers who purchased these products and will continue to offer them in our stores,” Dunkin Co. spokeswoman Amy Shull said in an email.

“While these products are still available for purchase, customers will no more have the opportunity to save on them.” 

“We appreciate that our customers purchased these items and will remain available for sale at all of our stores.” 

The new system was implemented in February, a month after Dunkin announced that the company would no longer be accepting coupons.

The company said that, for now, it was doing everything it could to mitigate the impact of the change on its stores.

“Our goal is to minimize any impact on our stores by not accepting any coupons,” Shull wrote in an emailed statement.

“As a result, DunkIN’ DOODLES CASHBACKS will be no longer available at Dunkin stores.”

  As of Feb 15, Shull told Reuters that Dunkin was continuing to accept the Dunkin CASHback, though she did not provide further details on the process. 

The change will have an immediate impact on Dunkin’s existing sales of the company’s signature items, like the signature Dumpster Darts and Dunkins Dunkin Butter.

But it also means that the stores that were offering the discounted coupons will have to rethink how they sell their items, since they won’t be able to sell the items anymore. 

“Dunkin’ Diversions, which we have been doing for years, is no longer a viable way to make money,” Shul said. 

Dunkins stock price rose as much as 20% in the last 24 hours. 

In January, Dunklin’s stock price soared more than 20% after the company said it was dropping its $5.99 Dunkin donut coupon. 

Last month, Dunkman’s stock dropped as much at as $4.80. 

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