The world’s most valuable raiders shirt

Searching the web for the most valuable loot raiders merchandise in the US, you might find the item you’re looking for.

It’s the Raiders logo.

But it’s a bit of a misnomer, given that the shirt isn’t just the iconic logo for the group.

It is actually the brand’s most expensive shirt, according to the official company website.

It was a special shirt for the Royal Marines, who were in charge of securing the island of New Britain, in New Britain Island, from the British.

It cost $40,000, according a UK news report.

It was the only one of the raiders that the Royal marines wore.

A spokeswoman for the company, which is based in London, told the BBC that it was a one-off and the company does not have a policy of selling raiders items.

The logo is a tribute to a soldier who lost his life protecting the island from the pirates who had come ashore in 1810.

It’s part of the group’s trademark and is worn on their shirts, but they have not released any merchandise with it.

It has been on sale on eBay since January, but since the auction began, the sale has not been successful.