London fashion house JCG launches new line of men’s and women’s garments, tees, accessories, bags, belts, coats, jackets

London’s JCG has announced the launch of its new line for men and women.

The line will feature men’s clothing, accessories and coats from its flagship brand and new collections from other brands.

The new line will be launched in 2018 and offer an unprecedented range of stylish men’s accessories and apparel, with the majority of products in men’s clothes being sold online.

The JCG men’s line is a continuation of its recent launch of new women’s clothing for men.

The range is a return to JCG’s roots and aims to create a more premium and tailored men’s fashion, the company said.

“We’re creating a more refined line of stylish women’s fashion for men that is focused on the essentials, creating a unique offering for the most discerning customer,” a JCG spokesperson said in a statement.

The new line is part of the JCG Women’s collection, which features an eclectic mix of products, including a men’s jacket, trousers, trousers and dress shirts from brands like Levi Strauss & Mizuno, H&M and ASOS. 

It will also include men’s trousers from the UK’s iconic label Old Navy, which are now available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers.

The men’s collection will include three main styles: the casual, formal and formal-outfit. 

The men line will have a range of classic men’s suits, from the classic navy to the new suede leather to the classic white.

The range will also feature the JCW classic, a line that will continue to be sold in men and womens stores, with a new jacket in the line for women.

The company said that the range of men-focused products is inspired by the company’s heritage, and will be a “delicate balance” between high quality and timeless design. 

“The range of the men line is built on the same principles as the JCK womens collection, in terms of quality, and features a variety of classic, contemporary and innovative designs,” the spokesperson said. 

A new line called JCCW, which will be sold online in a similar way to the JCGT men’s range, will also launch in 2018. 

This will be the first JCG women’s line to be available online. 

In addition to the men’s products, the brand is launching a new collection of women’s tailored clothing, which is made up of new pieces from a range that also includes men’s jackets, trousers from JCP, a jacket from LVMH and a women’s dress from H&am. 

For men, the new collection includes a new coat from Gucci, and a jacket by Alexander McQueen. 

 For women, the JCGB women’s collection features a coat from L’Oreal, a leather jacket from Louis Vuitton, a skirt from Guilhem, and an outerwear collection from Gaultier. 

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Source Business Insider