Which of Fox’s new TV series is your favorite?

The New York Times reported that Fox has given the green light to the first two seasons of its new Fox News Channel series, Fox News at Night, which stars Bill O’Reilly and David Muir.

The series will debut in January.

The first season will premiere on Monday nights, with the second season slated to premiere in January 2019.

The show will focus on O’Brien and his “newscast,” and will feature interviews with top Fox News personalities and guests, as well as clips from the show.

“The network has decided to move ahead with a new series called Fox News Night with Bill O, which will feature a combination of interviews, segments, and clips of Fox News,” the Times reported.

The program will air on Fox News on Monday evenings at 8:00pm ET.

The series is described as a “unique look at America’s most trusted and influential news network, from the people who make the decisions to the journalists and commentators that deliver them.”