What do you get when you combine the best of American fashion with the best technology?

What if the new smartwatch was your personal travel companion?

You’d probably think of the Apple Watch.

But what if you also wanted to know about the new Adidas smartwatch?

Well, there’s a new smart watch from Adidas and it’s called the Adidas Smartwatch 2.0.

Adidas is known for making some of the best, most affordable, and most stylish watches in the world, but this new smart-watch isn’t just a high-end model.

It’s also the first smartwatch that comes in both white and black.

Adidas says the Adidas-designed Smartwatch is a complete package that combines the best features of a fitness tracker, a smartwatch, and an indoor wearable product.

Adidas also announced a new shoe called the Sport-Flex that looks a lot like Adidas’ Nike FuelBand, which is made of carbon fiber.

The Sport-flex is also the only Nike Fuelband smartwatch to come in both black and white, and it will be available in July.

Adidas said that its smartwatch has an active fitness mode that tracks your steps, calories burned, and heart rate, as well as GPS, an accelerometer, and a barometer.

That makes it perfect for people who want to track their daily exercise.

Adidas SmartWatch 2.00 specs Adidas says its smart watch comes with: A 32-bit processor with ARM Mali-T628 SoC for power, GPS, and other sensors, an 8-megapixel camera with 1.3x optical zoom, a 2.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth LE, and NFC; a 4,100mAh battery; a GPS receiver with built-in GPS module; a heart rate monitor, and accelerometer; an ambient light sensor; and Bluetooth 4-compatible wireless charging.

The watch’s design is based on Adidas’ existing Sport-band smartwatches.

Adidas will also make the smartwatch available in both grey and white.

Adidas’s smartwatch also comes with a wide range of accessories, including a smart cap and strap.

Adidas smart watch in white Adidas will sell the Adidas smart-wear for $150, but it will also offer it in the SportFlex color for $80.

Adidas offers the SmartWatch in white in the US, but its black version will be coming to Europe later this year.

Adidas sells Smartwatches in black and grey, white, grey, black, and silver.

The new smart band will be a $50 option for those who want a cheaper alternative to the Adidas SportBand.

Adidas has a reputation for quality, but the new Smartwatch isn, in fact, better than the old one.

It also comes in a lot of cool colors, and Adidas says that the new design will be more comfortable and more stylish.

Adidas’ smartwatch comes with both a GPS and an accelerometers, but not both.

You’ll also get a Bluetooth 4 connection to connect your watch to a phone or other Bluetooth-connected device.

Adidas claims that its new smartwars are both easy to use and powerful.

Adidas made a number of improvements to its SmartWatch platform over the last couple of years.

Its fitness tracker is faster and more accurate than its predecessors.

Adidas introduced a new fitness mode for the SportBand that includes a more advanced heart rate monitoring feature.

It will also come with GPS, accelerometer data, and Bluetooth LE.

The Nike Fuel Band is now available in a wide variety of colors, from gold to purple.

Adidas announced that it will offer the Sportband in grey, gold, blue, black and silver on June 28.

Adidas isn’t the only one that’s been pushing the smart-watches market.

Other companies like Polar and Microsoft have launched their own smartwalls.

The Adidas SmartBand 2.50 also comes out on June 27, but that’s just one more watch from the company.

Adidas recently announced that its Adidas Smartwalls will be making their way to the United Kingdom, where they will be launching in August.