Which are the top Trump-branded brands for boys and girls?

The US president has made an estimated $US1.6bn worth of Trump-brand goods and services in the past three years, according to a study published by a Melbourne-based think tank.

The analysis of the US market by consultancy firm Givaudan found there are more than 500,000 Trump-style products sold in Australia.

Givartan’s research also found there were more than 30,000 Ivanka Trump-designed brands sold, with a further 30,500 branded products in the US.

The study found the brands sold to boys are more likely to be white, male, wealthy and older than the brands selling to girls.

“Trump is selling Ivanka Trump apparel to boys because Ivanka Trump is a good example of what the brand represents,” Givartean’s executive director of research, Professor Andrew Wiebe, told ABC News.

“She is a strong brand ambassador, a strong business ambassador, she is an attractive brand for women and a very good example to girls.”

Givardans research found Trump-owned brands sell to boys in the following categories: clothes and shoes