The 5 Best Freefly Workout Merchandise in the World

With the release of the new Nike+ FuelBand, it seems that Nike is finally starting to really step into the freefly world.

If you were to ask people to name the best freefly workout gear in the world, there’s no doubt that the Nike FuelBand would be on the list.

There are tons of different workout gear out there that can be used with the Nike+ band, but the Nike+, FuelBand is definitely the best option for athletes.

We can say with absolute certainty that the FuelBand works for us, but we’ll just list the 5 best free-fly workout items that can give you the most bang for your buck.


The Nike+ Band $79.99 from NikeSource: The Nike Fuel Band is an incredible accessory for athletes and their gym buddies.

The freefly bands are a great way to keep your feet in shape and give you a great workout to boot.

While the NikeFuelBand is not the most fashionable option in the Freefly world, it’s definitely one of the most functional.

It comes in multiple colors and comes in the classic green, white, and black.

The band itself is also made from durable nylon and comes with a foam grip. 

NikeFuelBandFeatures:Lights up with a red light when you’re wearing the bandThe band comes in different colors and is made from a durable nylon material that makes it super comfortable for everyday use.

The bands have a red and green light that you can turn on and off, and you can customize your bands to have different colors of light and colors of the band.

The NikeFuel band can be worn with the band, and with the light on it.

The light is on at all times so you don’t have to worry about the band getting in the way of your workouts. 

You can also customize the bands color and shape with a special Nike Fuelband shade. 

The Nike Fuel band is one of my favorite workout accessories.


Nike+ PowerBand $79 from NikeSOURCE: This PowerBand from Nike will give you instant power when you use it.

This PowerBand is one that you might want to wear with your Nike+ or FuelBand.

The PowerBand features a red LED and a power indicator to show you when it’s time to power up.

You can adjust the intensity of the LED so you can see exactly how much power is available. 

A light indicator on the PowerBand tells you when the band is powered up, and it has a soft white color so it doesn’t look too garish. 

For the best power-hungry workout, you can use the Nike PowerBand to keep track of your power. 


Nike Power Band $59.99 through NikeStore (Black) from NikeStoreYou can’t go wrong with Nike+ and NikeFuel.

They’re great for power-conscious athletes who are in need of the best training gear.

The Adidas PowerBand, NikeFuel Band, and Nike+ SportBand all have a great amount of functionality. 


NikeFuelbandBlack (white) PowerBand (White) from Amazon.comThe Nike+FuelBand comes in several colors that give you an idea of the color of the bands that will be used.

The white version has a blue LED and an indicator light that lets you know that it’s ready to use.

It’s also a nice color to pair with your workout gear. 


Nike Fuel Bar $49.99 via Amazon. 

(Black)Nike+FuelBar is a perfect fit for athletes who want a comfortable and functional workout band.

It has a black finish, a light that shows you when you have power, and a light indicator light. 


Nike Sportband $99.99 (black)via Amazon (black/white)It’s not the cheapest option in terms of materials, but it’s still a great option for a workout band if you don´t have access to a lot of other workout gear to use with it. 7.

Nike Plus Band $99 (Black/White)via NikeStoreIt comes in black, white and red.

The black version has an LED light and a soft light indicator. 


Nike-FuelBand $39.99via NikeShop.comThis Nike+Plus Band has a red/blue LED light that tells you how much energy is available to use when you put on the band (it’s like an extra light for your workout!).

It has an indicator and a white color that tells if it’s power- or power-free. 


NikeFitBandBlack (Black-red)Power Band (Black and Red) from AppleSource: The NikeFit Band is the only band that has the option to be powered-up with a light on.

When you put it on, it will light up in