Sanmar apparel releases a new shirt with the words “The Hunger Games” on it

Sanmar clothing has revealed a new T-shirt, titled “The Great Hunger Games,” for their line of apparel. 

The shirt features the phrase “The greatest of all worlds” on the front, which reads “The Greatest Hunger Games.” 

The company says that this shirt will be available on June 1st. 

This is not the first time Sanmar has put together a shirt with words like “Hunting” on them. 

In 2014, they launched “Hunters United” on their website, which featured a photo of a group of hunters hunting a bear with the slogan “Hunts for the Wild, Not the Wilds.” 

In 2016, the brand launched a new tee, which features the same photo of hunters, but this time with a message “Hunted for the wild, not the wilds.”

The “Huntery” tee features a photo showing the hunters and bears in a clearing together, while the “Hunter United” tee says “Hunches for the hunter, not for the hunters.” 

There are also three other shirts featuring the phrase, “The world’s most popular movie.” 

For the rest of the year, Sanmar will be offering apparel featuring all four Hunger Games titles. 

“Hunting United” shirts are available for $30 on the company’s website, while “Huntering United” T-shirts are available at the Sanmar store for $50. 

You can pre-order your favorite Hunger Games shirt here and check out the rest below.