How to keep your eyes peeled for the next Trump endorsement

By The Associated Press | May 16, 2018 10:04:30AM EDTThe Latest on President Donald Trump (all times local):12:15 a.m.

President Donald Trump says he would like to see a bipartisan effort to address the opioid crisis.

He says Congress is doing a good job but he’d like to be in charge.

Trump says he has not spoken to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer yet.

Schumer has said he’d be open to a bipartisan bill to address opioids.12:05 a.s.

President Donald T. Trump says the opioid epidemic is “worse than a pandemic.”

He says it’s worse than the Great Depression.

He says there’s been a decline in deaths and overdoses and “I think we can have a major impact on that.”11:45 a.h.

President Trump says there will be no “birtherism” against him, but says the country is “in a really big mess.”

He says the media is “out to get” him and that he is not getting a fair shake in this campaign.

He adds, “If they do that, I will not run.”11 a.l.

President Donald Trump says if he loses he will do everything he can to help the American people.

He continues: “I will do whatever I can to make sure that everybody feels at home.”10:30 a.g.

President DONALD TRUMP says he plans to “come down hard” on Democrats and the media as he seeks reelection.

He also says he is confident his supporters will vote for him again.10:17 a.t.

President TRUMP says the U.S. has “the worst drug problem of any major country in the world.”

He notes the “biggest problem” is that drug addiction is a public health issue.

He adds that people are not going to let the opioid problem go away.

Trump adds that he thinks the “tremendous numbers” of deaths will rise again.

Trump also says “it’s a horrible time to be alive” and says the drug problem will “never be solved.”9:40 a.p.m.: President Donald J. Trump, speaking to a rally in Florida, says the American public wants him to win.

He said he will fight to get back into office and says he “would be the greatest president ever.”

Trump says the economy is “back to where it should be” and he says he’s “so proud of the country.”

He also says that the American media “is trying to destroy” him.

Trump said the country has “a very good chance” to make it to November if he wins the election.9:20 a.c.

PresidentDonald T. TRUMP says his wife Melania is “beautiful” and “courageous” and his children “are very bright and great kids.”

He adds, though, that “I know they’ll do it for me and they’re very confident.”8:25 a.i.

PresidentDONALD TRUMP has spoken with the families of people who died in the line of duty, including his wife and his four children, and says “there’s no doubt” they deserve the respect and gratitude of the nation.

The president said they are “very appreciative” for the “very hard work” that they’ve done.

He added that the family members were “great people.”

Trump said “I love my country” and that “there are many great men and women in this country that don’t deserve to die.”8 a.d.


TRUMP has released a statement on his election loss and his plan to “fight like hell” to get himself re-elected.

He vows to make “big changes” to the U!


economy.7:10 a.v.

PresidentTrump says that “nobody knows” the number of Americans who have died from opioids but says he believes it’s “very high.”

He said the opioid death toll is “probably higher than anything we’ve seen in the past.”

He said he’s not looking to make any political statement about the issue but says his administration is going to do everything we can to fight to keep Americans safe.

He said that “we’re going to put a lot of people back to work” but added that “it is very important” to “get this right.”

The president says his “most important goal” in office is to “Make America Great Again.”

The AP’s Jonathan O’Connell and Jennifer Epstein contributed to this report.