When women’s Nike apparel gets a ‘makeover’ from the NBA to a Nike brand

The NBA has taken a different approach with women’s basketball apparel this season than it did in years past.

In 2018, the league expanded the women’s league to 10 teams, and introduced the Nike+ program.

But with the Nike+, the league has had to do a lot of work to make the NBA’s female players look like their male counterparts.

That’s why the league announced a big update last week.

The Nike+ update, which came out Tuesday, has the league adding more players to its roster.

One of the first players announced was Charlotte Hornets center De’Aaron Fox, who has already started a few games for the team.

The Hornets, who lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, have struggled to win games this season.

They have averaged just 87.6 points per game, which is tied for 28th in the NBA.

They’ve been outscored by a combined 21-9 in their last two games.

Fox is part of a small but growing group of players who have been given an opportunity to impress in a Nike+-branded outfit.

“I’m a big fan of Nike and their brands and what they’re trying to do,” Fox told ESPN.

“The NBA is a great company and they’re a great team.

But I think for me, it’s a really important part of my career.”

Fox is one of a handful of players the NBA has added to its team in 2018.

Among the players added this season are the Houston Rockets’ Jeremy Lin, New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis, New York Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis, Orlando Magic’s Channing Frye and Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal.

Some of these players have already started playing for the Hornets, but others are still waiting for the league to make a decision on their future.

All five of the players who are not in the team currently are in the league.

Davis, who had a breakout season last season, will be in the final year of his contract, meaning he’ll only be eligible for an extension at the end of this season if the league approves a new contract for him.

But the Pelicans will likely want to keep Davis as long as possible.

The team has been trying to lock up Davis for the past few seasons, and has done everything possible to win him over.

He signed a two-year, $40 million contract extension last summer.

“It’s been a real honor and a great privilege to play for the New Orleans Hornets,” Davis said.

“Being in a team that is very loyal and supportive of me, and that has always been my dream, I’m excited to be part of this team for the next few years.”

Lin and Davis will be the first of the Hornets’ players added to the team since their last big addition, the New York Bulls’ Kristjan Sokoli, was added to help fill out the roster.

The league has yet to announce who will be next on the roster, but the Hornets will likely start with their biggest addition to the roster yet: forward T.J. McConnell.

McConnell is in his second season with the Hornets.

He was a key part of the team’s second-half comeback from a 25-point deficit to defeat the Detroit Pistons on Monday.

“This team has grown in so many ways, and we’re thrilled to have him on board,” Hornets coach Steve Clifford said.

McConnell averaged 8.9 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game last season for the Charlotte Hornets.