Which companies are making the most money from their own products?

American Apparel, a well-known apparel company, reported that it made $1.6 billion in revenue last year.

According to Bloomberg, that’s a 1.3% jump from the previous year, when it made just $1 billion.

The company, founded in 1901, is now worth $5.9 billion.

Its products include underwear, jackets, sweatshirts, and hats.

Adidas, the second-largest U.S. apparel company behind American Apples, also reported that its revenue was $1,876 million, a 1% increase from the same year last year, according to Bloomberg.

The footwear company also made $800 million in revenue, up from $1 million last year and $711 million in 2016.

Nike, the largest U.s. sports shoe company, made $2.1 billion in sales last year as it expanded into footwear.

Nike said it has invested more than $3 billion in its shoe business, including more than a billion dollars in the first quarter alone.

Nike’s revenues are up 21% from a year ago, and its profits are up 70%.

Adidas also reported a record $1 for every $10 it spent on research and development in the fourth quarter of last year to help it continue to build its shoe brand.

Nike did not respond to questions from TechCrunch about its revenue.