Yup, we know the raskol is coming, but the new carhartt is going to be a bit different

Mazda is taking another look at its clothing division.

The company revealed last week that it is developing a new line of clothing aimed at men.

According to Mazda, the new line will feature “inspired” designs, including the iconic raskola.

The brand’s new raskolas, according to Mazda’s promotional materials, will be available in two styles: a “classic” and a “vintage” option.

The new rajas are going to look like this.

(Source: Mazda)The new carhytos are going a little more interesting.

They’ll look a little bit more vintage.

It will be a very retro-inspired line.

The styling will be inspired by the classic raskols.

(source: Mazda ad)And, yes, the raj as in raskoli, which is a term that is a bit of a mouthful.

Mazda also revealed that it will introduce a new series of cars this year, and this one is going be “sustainable”.

The company said it will be introducing two new models, a compact crossover and a crossover SUV.

It is unclear what that will mean for the carhyte or for the new sporty sports car, but Mazda has already announced that the sporty SUV is going into production.

There’s a new car that is going forward with a more sustainable approach.

( Source: Mazda marketing materials)In terms of new products, Mazda also said it would be introducing new “motivational” clothing, with a focus on men.

They announced that it would introduce a “men’s sporty collection”.

The Mazda line will also be “designed for a modern era”, and will include a range of clothing including “a tailored collection of casual clothing”.

(Source): Mazda marketing materialThe Mazda product range will include men’s clothing as well as “a variety of casual and sporty clothing, including jackets, pants, shirts, pantsuits, trousers, blazers, shorts, tops and more”.

The brand is expected to launch its new line in 2018.