What’s the real cost of a $5,000 dress?

By Kate Kelland/BloombergBusinessWeekWhen it comes to dressing well, what exactly are we buying?

In the world of fashion, it is commonly agreed that a dress should have something of value in it.

The question of what it means to have something in your wardrobe has become a contentious one, as fashion brands have struggled to define the proper price tag for their offerings.

And it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the value from the price of a designer’s goods.

For example, if you buy a $50 pair of jeans, you may be thinking that you are purchasing a quality product, but in fact the jeans will likely be more expensive than you would expect. 

The problem with the traditional approach is that many consumers don’t really understand the value of what they are purchasing, especially if they have never shopped in-person. 

What’s more, many brands and retailers have begun to offer in-store shopping experiences, where customers can purchase designer products from their local boutiques. 

For instance, in 2014, online retailer Forever 21 announced that it would be launching an online shopping experience with more than 70 boutiques across the country, and it offered customers a range of designer apparel from the likes of Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Prada to be purchased at a $2,500 price point. 

However, in an attempt to create a more accurate price tag, Forever 21 is also offering a $100 “buy it now” discount to customers who purchase items through its online store.

The $100 discount is available to shoppers who have a current Forever 21 order, but it is also available to customers with existing orders or who have an existing account.

Forever 21 says that it will continue to sell in-stores, but with a slightly lower price. 

It is important to remember that many shoppers are buying a designer item in the hope of finding it cheaper on a store or online, but many retailers are offering more expensive options to help entice them to shop online. 

“The biggest issue for retailers is that they don’t understand the idea of value,” said Kevin Balsley, the chief marketing officer at retailing site ShopRunner.

“They have to explain what value they have. 

There’s an element of confusion, and the retailers are trying to be more upfront.” 

When asked if he felt that the retailers were attempting to sell a more affordable product, Balsly said: “Absolutely.

But it’s going to be a little more expensive. 

This isn’t an industry-wide issue, but what we have seen is that brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, they’ve made a lot of moves in terms of what their pricing is. 

And if you look at a lot a high-end brands are offering $10-15 dress prices, $20-30 shoes. 

I can tell you that in a lot more than one fashion brand that’s a very high price.

The reality is, the real question is, what’s the value?” 

Balsley added that he was confident that the high-quality items available online would help to entice customers to shop in-stock.

“There’s definitely a need for the brand to be on the high end. 

When you look through the website, I think a lot consumers will go into the online store and say, ‘I can’t afford that, I don’t have time, I can’t do that,'” he said. 

Although online retailers are making efforts to create in-house shopping experiences with a higher price point, Balesley says that this does not necessarily mean that brands will be able to sell at a lower price online.

“I think the fact that a brand can’t compete with online retailers does not mean that the brands are not going to sell more,” he said, adding that he hopes that brands can create more opportunities for online shoppers. 

In addition to the online retailer initiative, some brands are also attempting to offer more in-home shopping experiences through a variety of initiatives. 

One example of this is Kiehl’s.

Last year, the retailer introduced a “Bespoke in-Store Experience” that would allow customers to pick up designer dresses for a discounted price in their local Kiehls store. 

Another example of a way to sell high-priced designer items online is Puma.

Last month, the luxury brand announced that the “Puma Club” initiative would offer customers the opportunity to shop with Puma’s designers for a low price.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Puma CEO Paul Pritzker said that “one of the things that is great about the Puma Club is that we’re selling high-level luxury items that we think are worth $4,000 or more.” 

Pritzker added that the goal of the initiative is to give consumers the opportunity “to have an in-depth conversation with Pumas designers,” adding that “the way we’re going about this is