How to shop for pet apparel

If you’re shopping for pet clothes online, there’s no better place to start than PetCo.With more than 200 brands and more than a dozen pet stores, PetCo has you covered.The PetCo brand was started in 1991 by a family of pet owners and started selling pet clothing, accessories, footwear and more.For years, the company has […]

How to dress as an otter

I grew up in Wisconsin, and I was obsessed with otter shirts.I wanted to be a giant otter with the tagline, “I love otters.”I was an otters fanboy, and my mom even had a little otter shirt, with a picture of her in the top hat.It was a simple design, but it was so fun.And […]

When is FedEx finally getting the ‘FedEx brand back’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering an investigation into whether the online retailer Amazon’s “FedEx Brand” has harmed the company by “misleading consumers” with a product or service.FedEx has denied that the brand’s advertising has harmed its business, and the FTC is considering whether it is appropriate for the company to investigate whether Amazon […]

Which clothing company is paying Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, JNJ, is a source of fascination for some.A lot of the company’s products are branded with the Ivanka Trump name.Ivanka Trump has been working to change that and has started working to buy out brands she doesn’t like, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.It has resulted in several companies that […]

The World’s 100 Best Women’s Shoes

By choosing to wear sneakers instead of shorts and t-shirts, the world’s 100 best women have gone from being the least fashionable of the world to becoming the most fashionable of all.In a survey conducted by footwear retailer ShoeSource and the Independent, the best-selling shoes for women from a range of footwear brands were:Adidas NMD, […]