When is FedEx finally getting the ‘FedEx brand back’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering an investigation into whether the online retailer Amazon’s “FedEx Brand” has harmed the company by “misleading consumers” with a product or service.

FedEx has denied that the brand’s advertising has harmed its business, and the FTC is considering whether it is appropriate for the company to investigate whether Amazon has harmed FTC customers.

Amazon is currently the largest e-commerce retailer in the world with more than 4.3 million stores.

Its brands include the Amazon.com website, Kindle e-reader and Kindle tablet.

Amazon has been the target of several lawsuits from consumers who allege it misled them into buying its products.

The FTC has filed suit against Amazon in 2017 alleging that it misled consumers into buying products that Amazon said were safe and effective for their health.