Which clothing company is paying Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, JNJ, is a source of fascination for some.

A lot of the company’s products are branded with the Ivanka Trump name.

Ivanka Trump has been working to change that and has started working to buy out brands she doesn’t like, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

It has resulted in several companies that she didn’t want to buy and which were still making their products.

JNL, a line of clothing, shoes and accessories that has been in production for more than a decade, includes a line that she has owned since 2010.

The brand was the subject of a New York Magazine story in June about how Ivanka Trump had taken control of JNK.

JNB, a fashion line she bought in 2014, was also owned by Ivanka Trump, but it is no longer produced.

The New York Post reported that Ivanka Trump is also developing a line in collaboration with fashion house Gucci.

The Times reported that she had tried to sell JNB in 2016 to a Japanese fashion house.

JNT, another clothing line that was launched by Ivanka in 2018, is also a source for fascination for the Ivanka White.

It features pieces with her name and the logo of her namesake company, but the label is no more, according to the Times.

The company was the target of a $200 million lawsuit from an American fashion designer in March of this year.

The suit alleged that Ivanka White violated the terms of the deal when she failed to pay for a line she signed with the fashion house, which the designer had agreed to make available for her.