How to dress as an otter

I grew up in Wisconsin, and I was obsessed with otter shirts.

I wanted to be a giant otter with the tagline, “I love otters.”

I was an otters fanboy, and my mom even had a little otter shirt, with a picture of her in the top hat.

It was a simple design, but it was so fun.

And it was a little bit cute.

So I bought some, and now I love otter t-shirts.

I love wearing them, and they always feel like they’re a little extra special to me.

I’ve always liked the fact that it’s not just a costume, but something that feels like you belong.

I like to wear them when I go to my sister’s wedding.

She doesn’t like to dress up.

So I’m like, “Oh, we’re going to have a fun wedding,” and she says, “No, I’m not going to do that.”

My mom always says, if you’re going for the right tone, if it’s cool, if I’m dressed as an Otter, then I’m happy to wear one of those.

But the shirts I’m wearing are just cute shirts.

And they’re made by some of my favorite companies.

My favorite is called the Misfit Booty Pants.

They’re like the perfect otter tee.

And I always wear one.

And my mom’s a big Otter fan, so I wear one on her special day.

And I love those things.

They always fit me.

They fit perfectly.

The other thing I love is the Blank apparel brand.

I got my first shirt, which was the Blank Fit Booty.

It’s really nice.

And that’s the only thing I’ve bought from them.

Then I went back and bought another one, which is the Middlesticks.

It was my first time.

And these shirts are so cute.

They fit perfectly, too.

So that was my main wardrobe.

I like to have the little things that I can wear at night, just like the otters.

They just fit me just fine.

Oh, and if you want a really nice shirt, just order one from my mom.

She’s always been very picky about what I wear.

I’m a big fan of that.

So the Blank shirts are really my favorite.

But the Blank Booty, I love the Blank fit booty.

I just love the style.

I wear it when I have the day off, when I’m going to go to a wedding.

And when I wear the Blank booty, it’s a little warmer than the Fit Bootys, because I don’t want to wear a tee that is too warm.

I have a tee with a little warm fabric on it that’s not warm at all.

So it’s really cool.

When I was in high school, I got the Misdlesticks, and the Midlesticks are the most popular thing I ever bought.

I bought the Mids first, because it was my favorite shirt.

I really liked the fit and the colors.

And then I got a Blank fit t-shirt.

So, it was just something I loved, and it’s my favorite to wear.

And the Blank T-shirt, it just fits really well.

What I like about these shirts is that they’re so comfortable.

And because they’re soft, they’re just comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about being ripped.

They keep you in shape.

And you don’t feel like you’re wearing a bad shirt.

So when you wear a Blank, it doesn’t feel cheap.

And sometimes it feels really good.

It feels like a big statement.

I can’t get enough of these shirts.

They look like they were made by a Japanese designer.

They are really cute.

And if you don:wear the Blank t- shirt, you’ll look like a Japanese otter, because they will not fit in a tight shirt.

And in the past, they were really hard to find, because otters are not very tall.

And now, they are very common.

And some of them are really cheap.

But they’re super comfy.

I always love that.

And as a kid, you would never know that you were wearing a Blank.

They were so comfortable, and everyone could wear them.

And their colors, they really matched the theme.

So you can wear any shirt, whether it’s the Fit or the Blank, and you can look cool and cute.

It just goes to show that it doesn.t matter what color you are.

You can wear anything you want.

And most of the time, they look like cute otters, so they can be very cute, too, too!

The Blank is the only shirt that I love to wear, because there are so many of them