When is FedEx finally getting the ‘FedEx brand back’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering an investigation into whether the online retailer Amazon’s “FedEx Brand” has harmed the company by “misleading consumers” with a product or service.FedEx has denied that the brand’s advertising has harmed its business, and the FTC is considering whether it is appropriate for the company to investigate whether Amazon […]

How the Sniper Gangs Got Their Own Playboys

On a hot summer day in 2017, Cody, 17, walked into the office of Nike’s retail division.“I don’t know what I was thinking,” he said.“This is like the first time I was ever going to be wearing Nike.”In an instant, Nike was an obsession for the young man, who, for the first two years of […]

What’s the real cost of a $5,000 dress?

By Kate Kelland/BloombergBusinessWeekWhen it comes to dressing well, what exactly are we buying?In the world of fashion, it is commonly agreed that a dress should have something of value in it.The question of what it means to have something in your wardrobe has become a contentious one, as fashion brands have struggled to define the […]

GOP leaders unveil $2 trillion plan to save US economy

The top House Republican and Senate Democrats on Thursday unveiled a $2-trillion plan to boost economic growth and jobs during the Great Recession.The GOP plan, dubbed the “Buffett Rule,” aims to stimulate economic growth through spending on infrastructure and job creation.It would boost spending on roads, railways, airports and ports by $1 trillion, and create […]

How to shop spacex for college apparel

Spacex is now offering college students and students looking to work remotely a new way to buy college clothing online.Starting Monday, students and other employees in colleges around the world will be able to buy online from the company’s new spacex-branded space, which is part of the company that also sells space and other apparel.Spacex’s […]

Why Rutgers apparel is so bad

Rutgers University has a good reputation.But the school’s apparel isn’t particularly great.In fact, the school is so out of whack with the rest of the world that the University of Pennsylvania has named its athletic department after a shoe company, the university announced on Monday.The school also has an apparel department with the world’s worst-designed […]