‘I just want my money back’: Laker Michael Jordan’s daughter tells TMZ that her father had her kidnapped by ‘f***ing thieves’

A former Laker basketball player says his daughter was abducted and held captive for nearly a year by thieves who stole her NBA championship ring.Diana Jordan, a 17-year-old freshman at Westwood High School, posted a photo on Instagram Tuesday of her father wearing a red cap and wearing a mask that she believes was his.The […]

What to do if your favorite baseball jersey breaks

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Nike’s Jeep.If you’ve been following the sport for some time, it’s easy to see why.After all, it wasn’t until 2008 that a professional baseball team wore a jersey that sportswear giant MLB unveiled.It’s a jersey unlike anything the American sporting landscape has seen before, and while the […]

How to order a brand new, high-end iPhone 6 Plus

An interesting new piece of hardware is finally here, and it’s just $300 more expensive than the original.We’re talking a phone that’s twice as powerful as the iPhone 6S Plus, and more affordable than Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 7.And yet, its price tag has been a big talking point for iPhone fans.The question is, […]

How to find the best dress for every occasion

Searching for the perfect outfit for any occasion can be a challenge, but the best ones are definitely a matter of personal preference.For example, a dress that’s perfect for a wedding can look good on a first date, but could look great on a date with friends.So, to help you get a sense of which […]