Which clothing company is paying Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, JNJ, is a source of fascination for some.A lot of the company’s products are branded with the Ivanka Trump name.Ivanka Trump has been working to change that and has started working to buy out brands she doesn’t like, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.It has resulted in several companies that […]

The World’s 100 Best Women’s Shoes

By choosing to wear sneakers instead of shorts and t-shirts, the world’s 100 best women have gone from being the least fashionable of the world to becoming the most fashionable of all.In a survey conducted by footwear retailer ShoeSource and the Independent, the best-selling shoes for women from a range of footwear brands were:Adidas NMD, […]

Why I love the Gossamer Mountain Bike Company

Gossam Mountain Bike Co. has long been known as a mountain bike brand that’s built on a foundation of innovation and quality.The company’s signature mountain bikes are some of the most sought after in the world, and the company also sells accessories for a range of bikes and products.I recently got to experience a Gossom […]

Why is Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife an icon?

An iconic icon, an icon of a generation.How about that.I mean, who doesn’t love a hero?And if you can’t get over it, well, then you’re probably just a “hero” who “needs to grow up” and learn from your mistakes.You know, the kind of person who never stops changing.Cruz, in his role as Texas’ junior senator, […]

Why I love the girls apparel line for girls

There are so many products to choose from, from the cute and sexy to the sexy and sophisticated.From the simple, to the super chic, to chic, there’s something for everyone.But when it comes to girls clothing, we’re in the best spot to choose the best of the best.There are literally hundreds of brands and brands […]

Hacking the official company photo for the US Army

The official Army photo of the US Air Force is the same, with the same colors, with that same background, with no change in how it looks.It’s not the official photo, but it is still official.The Army photo was taken on March 18, 2011, the same day the US military officially started accepting people who […]

How to buy your next pair of adidas sneakers: The shortlist

adidas, the global sneaker maker that is now owned by Chinese firm JD.com, has released a new ad campaign for its adidas Originals range of shoes that focuses on the company’s “authentic design” and “the spirit of adobe.”The campaign, dubbed The Spirit of Adobe, follows the path of the first adidas campaign, which featured images […]