How to avoid the ‘rude’ comments of women

Western apparel retailer Harley Davidson said it would not hire women to serve as managers, after it emerged that one of its top women had made a series of offensive comments to a male employee.The chain said on Friday that the executive, who was not identified in the company’s news release, would not be returning […]

How to get free gym apparel at Rutgers University

Rutgers University has a free gym clothing and accessories promotion that will run until May 10.The promotion is a new way for students to shop for gym apparel and accessories.The gym is one of the few places that is still a great place to be when it comes to exercise.The first-year class will get a […]

How to shop for clothes for the new Knight Rider movie

Recode, Inc. on Thursday reported record-breaking sales for the Knights apparel and footwear brand, with revenue for the third quarter reaching $8.3 billion, the largest one-time revenue ever in the company’s history.The company reported quarterly sales of $7.8 billion, and net income of $1.3 million.The record revenue for apparel in the quarter comes after the […]

Which American clothing retailer has the best prices

American apparel wholesale outlet American Apparel (NASDAQ: APPL) has been doing some interesting things lately.They’ve been adding more items to their inventory, and their inventory is trending in the right direction.It’s also trending up because they’re taking advantage of the trend of discounting their prices on the cheap.Their prices have dropped from $29.99 to $16.99.In […]

Which of the top-tier apparel brands are doing well?

There are some big names in the apparel business, but it’s the rest of the brands that are seeing their fortunes take off.Here are the top three apparel brands in the U.S. that have been seeing their revenues soar since last year.1.AdidasSource: FoxSports.comThis company is known for its athletic wear, but there’s also a lot […]

How to shop Alabama University apparel

In recent years, UA has grown to become one of the most prestigious universities in the country.The University has become a major recruiting ground for college football programs in the nation, and in recent years has seen an influx of national attention for the program, with many of the top schools in the Big Ten […]

What’s on the horizon for the apparel industry?

Canadian apparel retailer Aether has closed its first two stores in the US and said it will expand its online store, the American apparel retailer Penn State University and the college apparel retailer The Modest.The two retailers, which are among the nation’s largest apparel retailers, have about 200,000 combined sales.The Canadian company said it was […]

What to wear when you want to be the best in the office

Business Insider’s brand guide for employees, managers, and executives.1 / 8 Business Insider/Michele Giorgia 2 / 8 The brands we think you’ll love from brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret.3 / 8 We think you will also love the new trends, including the ‘naked chic’ and ‘dancing girl’ trends.4 / […]