Champion gear, apparel, footwear and more at The Fifth Sun

The Fifth Son is the flagship American apparel retailer that has emerged as a leader in the premium sportswear market.The brand has been a champion of quality products in the sports and athletic wear industry for nearly two decades.This year, the brand will launch its second wave of apparel, featuring its signature silhouettes, new and […]

Which companies are making the most money from their own products?

American Apparel, a well-known apparel company, reported that it made $1.6 billion in revenue last year.According to Bloomberg, that’s a 1.3% jump from the previous year, when it made just $1 billion.The company, founded in 1901, is now worth $5.9 billion.Its products include underwear, jackets, sweatshirts, and hats.Adidas, the second-largest U.S. apparel company behind American […]

How to wear the most expensive sneakers in the world: An

article by Amit Chatterjee, Business Insider article 1.The cheapest sneakers on the market: There are literally hundreds of cheap sneakers out there.Some are available on sale, but you can usually find them at Walmart for around $15, Nike for $25, and even some of the cheapest brands like Under Armour for about $30.2.The most expensive […]