What You Need To Know About Drake’s Drake’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Debut Album, ‘The Drake’s The Life of P’

Drake’s debut album The Life Of Pablo is now available to stream on streaming services.The album features a number of Drake’s signature features that fans have been craving since the album was first released in 2015, including his signature rhymes and a series of tracks that feature production from the rapper.On Monday, Drake announced that […]

Why we love fish and chip shops in Portland

More than a dozen Portland shops, restaurants and bars offer local and sustainable seafood and seafood-related products.Below are five of the best places to eat local seafood in Portland, Oregon.Fish and chip shop: The Salmon Market at the Rose Garden, 609-823-9000, seattle-lake.com Fish and chips at the Pearl Cafe, 715-521-8999, pdx.com The Pearl Cafe has […]