Cryptocurrency retailer Alpha Apparel is raising $1 million

Cryptocurrencies and other digital goods are booming.With a market capitalization of more than $500 million, Alpha Apparatus has more than doubled in value since its debut in February.It’s a new type of retailer, which aims to bring traditional retail to the digital realm.Its founder and CEO, Ben Zweig, says it’s a big step toward building […]

Goat clothing is being sent to India

Goat apparel is being sold in India, where goat breeds are used in the construction of some of the world’s most luxurious garments.India has a thriving goat trade.It exports goats to countries in Asia and Europe.It also has a booming goat farming industry, where thousands of goats are bred annually for their horns, which are […]

A few items that are still in stock on eBay for a sale

Some items are still available for sale on eBay, but the majority are no longer available to buy online.Here are a few items listed on eBay that still have a lot of stock.Here’s a quick summary of what’s listed on the sites:Golf apparel: $10-$15, depending on sizeThis item is available to ship to the U.S. […]