Which clothing company is paying Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, JNJ, is a source of fascination for some.A lot of the company’s products are branded with the Ivanka Trump name.Ivanka Trump has been working to change that and has started working to buy out brands she doesn’t like, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.It has resulted in several companies that […]

How to wear a dress without getting ripped

A man in a dress was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a woman who posted a photo of him on social media with a gun and wearing a baseball cap, according to a report from Fox News.The man, who police believe was in his mid-twenties, was identified as Joseph W. Linn, who is described […]

‘I just want my money back’: Laker Michael Jordan’s daughter tells TMZ that her father had her kidnapped by ‘f***ing thieves’

A former Laker basketball player says his daughter was abducted and held captive for nearly a year by thieves who stole her NBA championship ring.Diana Jordan, a 17-year-old freshman at Westwood High School, posted a photo on Instagram Tuesday of her father wearing a red cap and wearing a mask that she believes was his.The […]

Why is Prana Jnanajayagam a great thing?

I am a big fan of Prana (Prabhjot) Jnanayagamas brand and the new Prana Jamnagar fashion line.The brand was introduced in the summer of 2017 with the intention to offer affordable and fashionable apparel that would help the Indian market reach new heights in the 21st century.The PranaJamnagar line of garments is a collaboration between […]

What to wear when you want to be the best in the office

Business Insider’s brand guide for employees, managers, and executives.1 / 8 Business Insider/Michele Giorgia 2 / 8 The brands we think you’ll love from brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret.3 / 8 We think you will also love the new trends, including the ‘naked chic’ and ‘dancing girl’ trends.4 / […]