What’s the real cost of a $5,000 dress?

By Kate Kelland/BloombergBusinessWeekWhen it comes to dressing well, what exactly are we buying?In the world of fashion, it is commonly agreed that a dress should have something of value in it.The question of what it means to have something in your wardrobe has become a contentious one, as fashion brands have struggled to define the […]

Champion gear, apparel, footwear and more at The Fifth Sun

The Fifth Son is the flagship American apparel retailer that has emerged as a leader in the premium sportswear market.The brand has been a champion of quality products in the sports and athletic wear industry for nearly two decades.This year, the brand will launch its second wave of apparel, featuring its signature silhouettes, new and […]

What is the lat apparel craze?

The lat apparel and coffee company lat.com has announced a new campaign that aims to boost lat fans in the US.The company will launch a lat hat with a barstool-inspired logo, lat pants, and lat boots with a logo that reads “lat hat” and “lat pants” with an “I.”The campaign will be launched on the […]