Yup, we know the raskol is coming, but the new carhartt is going to be a bit different

Mazda is taking another look at its clothing division.The company revealed last week that it is developing a new line of clothing aimed at men.According to Mazda, the new line will feature “inspired” designs, including the iconic raskola.The brand’s new raskolas, according to Mazda’s promotional materials, will be available in two styles: a “classic” and […]

How to store 50% of your Bitcoins online at Upgrades

I’ve been a big fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since it was first announced.Since then, I’ve seen a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.It has definitely been a long time coming.When I started out in 2013, the first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin.Since then, Bitcoin has seen a tremendous amount of growth.As of today, Bitcoin […]