Why Rutgers apparel is so bad

Rutgers University has a good reputation.But the school’s apparel isn’t particularly great.In fact, the school is so out of whack with the rest of the world that the University of Pennsylvania has named its athletic department after a shoe company, the university announced on Monday.The school also has an apparel department with the world’s worst-designed […]

How to get free gym apparel at Rutgers University

Rutgers University has a free gym clothing and accessories promotion that will run until May 10.The promotion is a new way for students to shop for gym apparel and accessories.The gym is one of the few places that is still a great place to be when it comes to exercise.The first-year class will get a […]

How to find the perfect pair of sneakers

The most important thing to remember about sneakers is that they are the last thing on your body and therefore are a reflection of who you are.They are the best footwear for the job and will be the first thing to show off your individuality, and will most likely impress anyone who wears them.They will […]